Comfort Quilts

Comfort Quilts is a subgroup of our approximate 125 member quilt guild.

The quilts we make are donated to various organizations and charities within the city.  Individuals on a journey through a life threatening illness may also receive a quilt.

This important charity work is allotted a yearly budget from the guild to purchase supplies, our largest expense being the batting.  The fabric we use to make the quilts is almost all donated to our group from guild members and the public.

"Upstairs at Romes" generously donates their large working space on a monthly basis so we can meet as a group to work on these quilts.  We meet there the second Wednesday of each month from 10am until 3pm.  As a thank you to Romes we all purchase our lunches within the store.

For new and returning members who are looking for a place to meet other quilters in a more intimate setting, our group may be just what you're looking for.  The ladies who come are quilters at all levels, and more often than not most of us learn something new every time.  We especially invite beginner quilters to join us.  

If you have the time and want to do some charity sewing we would love for you to join us!